Bring Maths to Life

Last term our Year 6 Armstrong class had a visit from Sergeant Stewart to demonstrate some real life maths through cookery. We have been looking at measurements and ratios so we thought baking bread would be a practical way to help the children put their understanding into practise. It also linked in well with some instructional writing in English!

Sergeant Stewart, who is attached to the DEMs regiment in Bicester, has taught different life skills to cadets as part of his role in the RAF and Armstrong class had the opportunity to benefit from some of his life skills lessons and his obvious love of good food.

The children enjoyed the experience of kneading and making their own rolls completely from scratch. As a further link to our Greek topic Sergeant Stewart showed the children how to make healthy hummus. Many children were very adventurous and tasted it for the first time and absolutely loved it. Some children were keen to try making bread at home and even some hummus! As you can see from the picture, the children had a productive day and have added another skill to their bow, as well as brushing up on their Maths.

Mrs Brown Year 6 teacher.