The following items can  only be bought from Clive Mark (Kings Heath):

Blazer: £33.50

Jumper: Sizes 24”-36” £15.95,  38” upwards £17.95

School Tie (Years 3-6): £3.50

Elasticate Tie (Reception - Year 2): £3.50

White Polo Shirt with academy logo (PE kit): £5.95

Nursery Sweatshirts: £7.95

Nursery Jogging Bottoms: £6.95

Book Bag: £3.80

P.E. Bag: £3.25

The following items can be purchased from a high street retailer of your choice:

White shirt

Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers

Grey or black tights, or black socks

Black (low heeled) shoes - no trainers

PE kit

Black or white trainers/plimsolls (no fashion shoes/pumps)

Black shorts

Grey tracksuit bottoms

Grey tracksuit top

Outdoor clothing

Outdoor coats must be plain black

No leather, denim jackets or hoodies are allowed

Hats, scarfs and gloves must be plain black

You may also purchase the (optional) ARK Rose Primary Coat for £19.95

Hair, headwear and accessories

Hair must be of a natural colour and in an appropriate style

No tramlines, Mohicans, extreme styling or hair or eyebrow designs

Pupils are allowed to cover their head for religious or cultural reasons in academy colours only (grey/purple)

Piercings – one stud earring in each ear only, no other jewellery is acceptable and children will be asked to remove excess jewellery

Hairbands/clips in academy colours only (grey/purple)

No makeup, false nails or coloured nail varnish


Children are not allowed to bring items to school such as:

  • Pencil cases
  • Stationery such as pens, felt tip pens etc
  • Toys
  • Games

These items distract children from learning, can become lost or damaged. Items of this kind will be taken from children and returned to their adult at the end of the school day